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When playing Bingo the ultimate goal is to mark off your numbers before anyone else does, which is what is known as getting a ‘CHECK‘.

There will usually be three wins on each game where the winner is the first person to get all of their numbers on ONE LINE marked off, followed by where the next winner is the first player to get TWO LINES marked off on THE ONE PANEL and then the final win is the the FULL HOUSE, when all numbers are marked off on one panel.
Some Games (Link ‘Lucky 5’) can be just a two ‘Check’ game – ONE LINE and a FULL HOUSE with NO TWO LINES.

If more then one winner on any ‘Check’, then the prize-money is split equally amongst all valid winners

Tickets (Books/Sheets) to play in a 90 Ball game are sold as a strip of 6 panel cards.
Each card is divided into 9 columns and 3 rows, so there are 27 squares altogether but only 15 of these have numbers on, 5 in each row. As you’re playing the 90 ball game of bingo it is made easier by the fact that the numbers are organized into columns, so the first one will have numbers 1-9, the second will have 10-19, the third numbers 20-29 and so on.
On each strip of 6 each number will only be found ONCE, which saves some time as when you have found and marked off the number, you don’t need to keep searching for it.

The onus is on the person checking to be heard by the CALLER and you must ‘Check’ on the LAST NUMBER CALLED.

If the next number has been even started to be called then your Check will not be valid.

In the event of any dispute the decision of the Forum Bingo Management will be final.

In the interest of security of our Patrons FORUM BINGO will NOT pay out any wins over €1,000 on the night, but will do so by arrangement with the winner.
Any LINK win over €1,000 will be paid the week following the win.

Bingo is a fun game to play. The numbers get called at a steady rate, so players must make sure to pay attention and someone has to ‘Check’ each time so if you miss out on a line or 2 lines it may just be that there’s a full house waiting for you!