Forum Waterford, The Glen, Waterford, X91 AH24.

Welcome to FORUM HOME BINGO which is broadcast online every WEDNESDAY @ 8.00 pm on

You can purchase bingo books and sheets here (singles or doubles) up to 7.00 pm on the day of the game and they will be emailed out to you before the Bingo session starts.

There is also a Post Out options for each session but please note that is only available up to 3 pm on the day BEFORE that game is played but for added safety it is advised to get the order in before 3pm on a Monday.
Only one Post-Out is needed for each order, even if several books/sheets are sent out together to you.

If, for whatever reason, you do not get to play Forum Home Bingo on the night, the books/sheets that were purchased by you are still in the game and you will receive your winnings if any of your book/sheet panels have a valid ‘check’ on the night, as we will have inputted all the panels being played to the system and it will let us know when there is any ‘check’.

Payment for books/sheets is done through ‘Stripe’ and no credit/debit card details are seen or records of them kept by us.

Winners will be contacted by us after each night and we will arrange a transfer to the bank account of your choice. Please note that we will not keep these details and we will require them any time that you have a win.

How to purchase / get your bingo books and sheets

  • Pick the books/sheets (single or double) required from those below.
  • You can purchase multiple books at once.
  • Please make sure you are purchasing for the correct date, as it cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Cut off time to order for that evening is 7.00 pm.
  • Books will be emailed to you and if you do not receive it please check that it is not in your SPAM/JUNK folder.
  • There is a Post Out option that can be purchased for each order.
    NB: It must be bought before 3 pm on the day BEFORE the bingo session takes place. Only one Post-Out is needed for each order.
  • You cannot reuse a book any other night as it must have the correct date on it to be valid for a win.
  • Books, once purchased, cannot be refunded.
  • If you have any problems please contact us ASAP at, as that is the best way for us to be able to sort out any issues you may have.

Any problem on a pc with not seeing ‘buttons’ below to allow you to purchase Books/Sheets for FORUM HOME BINGO on our website, pressing “Ctrl” “Shift” and letter “R” together sorts it.

Purchase Your Books/Sheets

Please Note: POST-OUT is only available up to 3pm the day BEFORE the bingo session takes place and only one needed per order.